Corporate Social Responsibility

Evergreen Cilinders is a strong believer in corporate social responsibility. We always work transparently, offering our clients insights in our manufacturing process. By investing in sustainability as well as in our employees, we contribute to both a better environment and community.

Sustainability and the environment

We deliver quality that not only benefits our clients, but also the environment. Our hydraulic cylinders have a long lifespan, decreasing the frequency of overhaul and replacement. And with our modification and maintenance services, we also extend the lifecycle of cylinders manufactured by third parties. This helps reduce waste, and contributes to a better environment.

Employees and the community

Evergreen Cilinders is a growing company, and we encourage our employees to evolve with us. Not only do we have a growing number of clients, the scale of the projects we work on also increases continuously. Twenty years ago, a 10,000 kilogram weighing hydraulic cylinder was something unique, while today manufacturing a cylinders that weighs six times that amount is considered routine. This evolution provides our employees with the opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, something we support and encourage proactively.

Of course we do so responsibly, never losing focus when it comes to safety. Evergreen Cilinders is compliant with the following quality marks: Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, DNV GL, ABS Quality Evaluations.


To our clients we are fully transparent. Even more so, we are proud of the sustainable way we work. Evergreen Cilinders is an open company, and gives you insights in project status, as well as the manufacturing process.

More information

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